ReUse of Learning Objects Above, Below and at the Lesson Level

ReUse in L&D/ T&D Has Mostly Bombed

Most of the time anyway.

But my PACT Methodologies have been using a successful approach to ReUse since the early 1980s.

ReUse in PACT happens at the Event level, at the Lesson level, and then at the Instructional Activity level – and then even lower than that at the text paragraph/graphics levels. It requires a different approach to design – and even to the analysis of Instruction – to be most successful.

Not that it’s a trick – but one trick to successful ReUse is to classify the two types of ReUse as:

  • ReUse “As Is” (AI)
  • ReUse “After Modification” (AM)

ReUse AM – After Modification requires the ability to manage Content Derivatives. Think Parent and Children – an original piece/chunk of Content and then all the derivative children – at the Event, Lesson, Instructional Activity and Component levels. Managing means naming and numbering them.

ReUse also requires that Designers and Developers – hats one job wears or different jobs’ responsibilities – have easy access to these Content Chunks – and can ReUse them – as is – or – after modification.

ReUse also requires that – for the purposes of Content Maintenance – that when something changes – or needs to change – all of the derivatives can be found for updating purposes.

ReUse at the Event Level

In PACT we have T&D/ Learning Paths – and two paths might share an Event, or many.

An example – for illustrative purposes here – might be that “Logging on to ABC Enterprises’ Learning Portal and Developing Your Custom T&D Path” – might be exactly the same on every T&D Path for every job at ABC.

Also “Rules and Laws for Dealing With Our Vendors” – when appropriate on some of the ABC Paths. And “Negotiations Training” – Active Listening” – and “Basic Statistics.” And then the Event everyone looks forward to – well, most anyway: “Getting Ready for Retirement from ABC.”

All used “As Is” – or “After Modification.”

ReUse at the Lesson Level

An example – for illustrative purposes here – might be


ReUse at the Instructional Level

An example – for illustrative purposes here – might be taking box #2 in the Activity Spec above (Instructional Activity Specification) and cahnging that for a unique set of Stakeholders for another Business Unit requiring a slightly different (or very different) Process.

ReUse at the Instructional Component Level

An example – for illustrative purposes here – might be:

“An example – for illustrative purposes here – might be” …

… and the ReUse of the following graphic:

Which was ReUsed for this next graphic AM:

And ReUsed again in this graphic…

Past Posts on ReUse

Here with a video: The Holy Grail of ReUse

And another: Content Reuse – Requires an Architecture of Objects at Many Levels.

Search on this site using “ReUse” and “reuse” for even more.

And then there are these Resources…

Please click on the above graphic for a link to more information about these Paperback and Kindle books.

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