Students’ Lessons Learned From Their Needs Assessment Projects

From One In My ISPI Crowd…


I thought that you might like to see what I have been up to with my students related to capturing the lessons they learned from their needs assessment projects this semester:   People can also access it and may other resources through website.
I have been working on the next generation of this technology and hope to have something “bigger” ready to go at the beginning of the year.  I will keep you posted!

Ryan Watkins, Ph.D.
George Washington University
Websites: www.gapsinresults.comand

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From a January 2012 Email From Ryan

The World Bank recently published my newest book, “A Guide to Assessing Needs”,and as part of their open knowledge initiative electronic copies are available for FREE. You can read it online or download a PDF copy at, or you can always buy a paper copy.

The book focuses on using needs assessments to inform the earliest stages of project conceptualization and design, with particular focus on international development programs. In the book we tried to blend rigorous methods and realistic tools that can help you make informed and reasoned decisions. We feature, for example, tools for conducting focus groups, developing surveys, prioritizing needs, and leading group decision-making; creating what we believe to be a comprehensive, yet realistic, approach to identifying needs and selecting among alternative ways forward.

As a FREE online resource we hope that it will be a valuable guide for professionals around the world. Hopefully you will also find it useful, and share the link with your colleagues.

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