There’s Architecture in Learning – And Then There Is Not Architecture

What’s an Architect in the Learning Space?

Is it anyone who designs and builds content? Or is there more to it than that?


Many in the ISD/Learning space build components of Learning – Formal Courses, facilitate more Informal Learning, etc. – the equivalent IMO of the builder of kitchen cabinets – custom or not.

That’s not architecture.


Some design and then lay the foundation – with On-Boarding – and then put the deck on top of that – On-Going content.

And that’s getting closer to Learning Architecture IMO.


And some are concerned with all of the Enterprise Content, the opportunities for both Formal and Informal Learning, the archiving of Knowledge Management Systems-type content for use “in the moment of need” as well as “prior to that moment of need.”

That’s Learning Architecture too – in my book – and it’s approaching Performance Architecture.

How you define:

  • Learning Architecture
  • Learning Architect

And how does that relate to Performance Architecture?

And how many and what other Architectures are there – in your view?

13 Minute Video

Innovative CAD via The PACT Processes – 2012

It’s about Curriculum Architecture – a.k.a.: Learning Architecture

More Resources


Click on the graphic for more info about these books.

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