Would the Organizations Shoveling This…

… Styles “Stuff” … Just Stop It!!!


Because you are embarrassing yourself and all of your members/followers.


I shared some new “stuff” on Thinking Styles with my ISPI Crowd – and some of the responses were worthy of unaccredited repeating here… unworthy of me taking any more time on this nonsense to ask for each and every person’s permission.

Seeking forgiveness will probably take less time than asking permission… did I mention my Lazy Style?

One Response

I’m especially happy to know that all 7 thinking styles are completely equal. Whatever the answer… it’s GREAT. Not one of them better than another. How amazing is that?

But wait!
They left out
8. Grumpy: always focusing on the glass half empty
9. Dopey: can’t string two thoughts together
10. Fact Free: it’s all about the gut, baby
But you know… people LOVE this kind of thing. It’s all about them!

Another Response

I’m thinking of starting a new ISPI SIG, “Using Horoscopes for Improving Performance.” Who will be the first to sign up? If you sign up in the next 30 minutes, we’ll include a 13thmonth absolutely free! Better hurry, with this amazing new technology, and our special offer, available slots are filling up quickly!

Followed By This

Sounds good to me. But I like the idea of 13 free months; you could also throw in the Chinese Zodiac. Or perhaps we could come up with the Performance Improvement Styles Inventory, PISI.

And Then This

And if you’re not satisfied in the first 6 months, we’ll give you another 6 months free   (I think I heard that on a dating website commercial on TV and thought that was the nuttiest incentive ever….give me 6 months more of something that didn’t work for me in the first place…)

One Person Responded Twice – Adding

Or, we could call it a Style Inventory for Performance Improvement, SIPI (pronounced Sci Fi)

Inevitably It Denigrates As People Really Think About This Crapola

Or Performance Improvement Style Opportunity For Free, PIS-OFF.

What’s Your Crowd Peddling Nowadays?

Perhaps it’s Sing-Alongs… so…

You better look out
You better not try
Better not spout-off on Learning Style lies
Cause Santa Claus is coming to town

He’s making a list
And checking you twice;
Gonna find out who to hire that’s nice
Santa Claus is coming to town

He sees what you’ve been tweeting
He knows when you’re a fake
He knows if you’ve been posting garbage online
So be valid for goodness sake!


You better watch out!
You better not try
Pulling the Styles wool over everyone’s eyes

Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town

(Now with Gusto!!!) Cause Santa Claus is coming to town!!!!

(Repeat as necessary).

With my profound apologies to  John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie – who wrote the original in 1934.

That’s my Repentant Style coming through – I guess.

It’s a JOKE! All of it! Especially the topic!

But not this post.

# # #

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