Is That Light At The Of The Tunnel The End Of The Tunnel?

Or Is It A Freight Train?

It is seldom that the new year bring surprises that are so unexpected, unless of course you are constantly living in the moment – with no thought of the morrow.

There’s death and taxes. There’s birth and growth.

There is change.

If Whats Around the Corner For You in 2013The only constant nowadays – is constant change.

Antisthenes -a Greek philosopher and a pupil of Socrates- said:

The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue. 


What was once thought to be true, may no longer be thought to be true. And vice versa. So keeping up with what the latest thinking is, is critically important – as is being open to that eventually changing – is even more important.

Taking Care of Professional Business

Take care of your keeping up with the advances in technology and with the latest finding (evidence-based of course) in your profession.

But beware the hype, the snake oil, the foo foo.

Think of it as maintenance of your vehicle (if you’ve got one).

Taking Care of Personal Business

Take care of yourself.

Be healthy. Live in moderation, not in excess.

And/or balance the occasional excess with a little extended moderation.

Think of it as maintenance of your home (if you’ve got one).

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