At the Corner of Analysis and Analysis You’ll Find Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement Requires Analysis

Regardless of your “type” of Performance Improvement – Industrial Engineering, Lean, Learning, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Total Quality Management, Training, Learning, Knowledge Management, etc., etc. – you cannot change your baseline (current) Measured Results predictably if you do not have any idea of the causes for those baseline results being off from the desired results – and the desired human behaviors, and the enabling assets of both the people and the non-people “stuff” required – to enable that desired performance with targeted improvement initiatives.

I generally – over 90% of my consulting work since 1982 has been in the instructional space – come at Performance Improvement from a Learning/ Training perspective – how to learn to perform – which includes me helping clients see when training is not the right way to go.

Or it – Training – is not The Silver Bullet – the single way – to go after Performance Improvement. Because there may be other variables at play that Learning/Training cannot address to resolve any gaps.

Or that Training is indeed needed, but along with other intervention initiatives, carefully planned and timed for their effectiveness and efficiency.

It takes Analysis.

Video: Working at the Intersection of Instructional & Performance Improvement Analysis

March 2012 – 19 minutes.

The overlapping intersection of analysis for both Instructional Design analysts – and for Performance Improvement analysts.

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