The Performance Improvement Crossroads Intersection

Where Would We Meet If We Came From Different Improvement Disciplines?

Why, at Analysis, of course!

If I were Lean, and you were Six Sigma, and others were from OD, ISD, IT, we would all have one thing in common (more than one actually).

Analysis, by that or any other name. Figuring it out, as it has been put.

This is my mental and tangible model for figuring it out – at one level – leading logically to the levels above and below – in my model.

Your model may vary.

EPPI Fishbone v2012

I hope, in tolerable ways.

The Premise of EPPI

Every Process – or sets of Processes – meaning “scale-able” – can have their ideal enablers identified and manged – then they could operate at Peak Performance levels.

If the enablers are “deficient enough” in some the key enablers – those that truly differentiate performance of the individual, the process-sets, and the enterprise – then the Process itself performs below par.

The cost or value of that is the R in your ROI.


The PIP (Performance Improvement Potential – Gilbert), or the ROI, or the RONA, or the Up-Time/Down-Time, Scrap or the Error Rate are the sources for your R.

However “score is kept” for the target(s) for your improvement effort – center your “R’s” on that – otherwise it might not be of interest.

They – “How Score Is Kept” – are the improvement targets – in terms of Revenues increased – and/or costs lowered, depending on the level Performance one is looking at.

Analysis Without Paralysis

I cringe whenever I hear/read things about analysis that somehow seem to make it OK, very OK, or expected, that you keep at it until you feel you are done.

Excuse me.

Didn’t you know what data you needed before you started, and have a plan to efficiently get that, or is it still all a mystery to you? Where to start? How much to do? What to defer until later, analysis-wise.

Otherwise you will/are leading your Clients into the land of Analysis Paralysis.

I’ve never, in 31 years as a consultant in the Performance Improvement and Instructional Design spaces, had a Client OK with that.


19 minute video

There are more videos – over 55 – on analysis, design, etc. in my PACT video series – here.

From ISD to PI – PACT to EPPI

If you need to move your Training/ Learning function into something more impactful at the Process Performance level – for the good of the Individual and the Enterprise levels below and above too, then this might be a good resource for you…

2011 f FTTPIC book cover

Or perhaps the entire 6 pack…


See more info about these books – here.

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