The Iterative Nature of Design and ReDesign

How Often Has Your Design Been Off?

And not worked, although developed to the Design Specification?

And now you must reDesign and ReDevelop – and perhaps RePilot Test before being done with this one.

Back to Rework City.


Going Back To ReWork City

Is to be avoided if at all possible.

Sometimes doing ReWork was/is “by design” – and is/was anticipated.


Nothing wrong with that unless those were unnecessary steps in the process. But I prefer my ISD and PI efforts to be lean. Without any unplanned ReWork.

Otherwise it feels as if we are working in circles.

MCD 6 Phases

When I built my ADDIE model and process and then planned and managed projects using this project management (not design) model – I did it by backward chaining. Defining the needs of Box 3 based on all the downstream needs in Boxes 4-6 – and determining what would/could reasonably be gotten in Box 2 or even 1.

I actually begin “Design” in Phase 1 and 2 in the model above. And continue with Design in Phase 4 as well. Just as I do Analysis in the first 4 Phases – before doing a BIG JOB of Analysis (Evaluation) in Phase 5.


If you are spending too much time in unplanned Design & Development ReWork – perhaps it is your Analysis efforts that need improvement.


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