Ray Svenson – The Weekend Matinee Series

This Video Is Of…

Ray Svenson – is a consultant in Learning and Development and Organizational Effectiveness.

Video 1 from 2008 is 6 minutes in length.

Video 2 from 2009 is 17 minutes in length.


I met Ray when I was at Motorola in 1981. In the fall of 1982 I joined his form and later I became a partner of SWI – Svenson & Wallace Inc.

We worked together as business partners from 1982 to 1997. We co-wrote a book in 1994 with partner Karen Kennedy Wallace.

1994 QRM Book Cover

We have worked together on projects, and one book since 1997…

The book:

Performance-based Employee Qualification/ Certification Systems (2007) – as a Paperback

Paperback $20 – here.

Note: this 2007 book is also available as a FREE 226 page PDF – here.

But – what’s the cost of your printing and binding?

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A link to Ray’s consulting business web site is – here.

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The Weekend Matinee Series

This series of videos is for those in the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and Performance Improvement (PI) spaces – for a little continuing education/development – especially for those without a local chapter or source for professional development.

And it’s for those in other improvement areas who need to know a little about the many interventions/ solutions sets as they deal with the variables of Enterprise Process Performance Improvement.

I will post one or more related videos – at 8 am – east coast/USA time – on Saturdays.

And please suggest other videos for me to use in this series!

Topics would/could come from ID, ISD, HPT, HPI, PI, TQM, Quality, OD, BPM, Process, Financial analysis and design/development topic areas.

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