Too Little Learning Is Authentic Enough

To Transfer

It’s too often about topics rather than tasks and outputs. It is modular but not in a good sense, not in an architectural sense, where the pieces fit seamlessly, and their form is all about their function… the function of Performance. Learning is best measured by the ability to apply it in realistic, authentic settings. Like back on the job.

And it is timely, which might mean a long time before the TIME it’s needed, in the moment of need, and then practiced and practiced and practiced to a fine point, so that it is available for RECALL whenever needed. On Demand via Recall.


Sometimes there is no time to look it up as Performance Support.

And sometimes it is done so rarely that one falls off of the Learning Curve – and onto that Forgetting Curve.

As Will Thalheimer discusses in his video – here.

13 minute video. Uploaded on Apr 25, 2011

Dr. Will Thalheimer of Work-Learning Research, Inc. discusses the learning and forgetting curves and what they tell us about how to design and deploy learning interventions.

I wish I could forget about all of the lousy designs of Training/ Learning and even Performance Support that I have seen over the decades.

They bring us all down – reputation-ally – and that might make working on that next effort all the more difficult.

With those clients who have themselves been burned in the past – and have learned from the past.

It works that way too.

The best approach is to think about Measured Results in On The Job Performance.

The Before and the After – in terms of Measured Results.

Focus On Performance. And Enable That.

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