Performance Development Path Facilitators Seldom Get Full Breaks

Guy at the Design Platform

Here I sit whilst everyone else on the CAD Design Team  is on break…


This was my 75th CAD effort.

Can you tell which Step we are on using the following graphic?

CAD DTM 7 Steps

Can you tell which Phase we are in?

CAD Graphic

The Design is Where All of the Analysis Data Is Processed


But it’s fairly straightforward if you created that Analysis data.

The A in PACT is Accelerated.

Can you tell which outputs that first picture showed – in process?

CAD - POTs 2012

Wow. Looks Complex. How LOOOOOONG Did This Take?

We did the ATM – Analysis Team Meeting on January 9 -11, 2013

And then I did the ETA – Existing T&D Assessments for their ReUse potential compared to the requirements ala the Performance Model and the K/S Matrices on January 15-16.

We finished the DTM – Design Team Meeting – on January 23 and I had the combo Analysis Report & Design Document to them by January 30th. There were several small tweaks recommended by the Analysis/Design Team members – and then all is being enthusiastically waited on – for the implementation is probably more complex that first imagined. And we only focused on Phases 2 and 3, and not on 1 and 4.

To get it right – squarely focus on Performance first, second and third – it didn’t take very long at all. Not compared to the benefits.

So it took less than 20 business days in this accelerated effort.

Most efforts take 2-3 months, not 1.

Lean is fast.

PACT Logo 2012a

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