What To Do After Asking So What and then Why

If you stated your Problem adequately, and defined the Gap after defining the Future State and measuring the Baseline, you can define the potential R in ROI, answering SO WHAT? pretty well. And then finally one can estimate the Costs for closing the Gap to come up with the I in ROI, answering the WHY? and more SO WHAT?

And that ROI can be compared to all other “opportunities’ ROIs” to make a fix, add something new, avoid some Risk, etc. etc. to decide where to strategically place your bets.

I would look at the situation/workflow-process/ people/ person to look for their gaps in the following Asset dimensions…

EPPI Fishbone v2012 - 1- The Process

But then what?

Well, first look at the organizational processes, the main process that deals with the flow, inputs, outputs, people, etc. – and then…

Swim Upstream

Swim upstream to the provisioning systems in or outside the



Note: your Enterprise’s model/framework for these provisioning systems will most likely look different.

These systems/sets-of-processes provision the assets to the processes. Adequately or not.

Now, if only the business and marketing strategy and all other tactical plans were in alignment – and then adequately resourced…

# # #


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