Your SME Doesn’t Know What They Are Talking About

13 Minute Video – May 2012

So What Can You Do About It?

That’s why I use the GROUP PROCESS – a facilitated Process.

I recently wrote about this in this post on…

All Together Now – The Group Processes in ISD and PI – here

The 2 articles I co-authored on this – in that older post above, were published in 1984 by Training Magazine and NSPI’s Performance & Instruction Journal (PIJ).

So I have lots of experience in this by now, for it is my default process for analysis, design and development – following those steps. I’ve used the Group Process – over 300 times, across my 75 CAD projects…

Slide1 (3)

…and in my 50+ MCD/IAD efforts.

And I have used it in my dozen or so EPPI efforts…

EPPI Stage 1 and 2

It’s what I refer to as “lean-ISD” in my 1999 book of the same name. Facilitating the right people to make decisions – IN A PROVEN PROCESS – gets the job done, better and faster, and in the downstream reduction of REWORK it is ultimately a cheaper OVERALL Process.

That produces targeted Products.

Begin with the END IN MIND.

It’s the old Input and Output thing….


Know what the terminal objectives are, what the specific deliverables and schedules are, know what each of the stakeholder’s requirements AND their wants – for both the Process and the Product.

It’s that simple.

Stakeholder Hierachy Example 1

Once you know what the Stakeholder require and want, you can then better figure out those  those Enabler things…

EPPI Fishbone v2012 - 1- The Process

And then you can check out your Enterprise’s Provisioning Systems – those that get the right stuff at the right time in the right quantities with the right quality to the right process – every day all day long, as that saying goes.

Or you fix what’s broken for ROI – and you do CI for ROI. Continuous Improvement for Return on Investment.

Or why bother?


BTW- That lean-ISD book is available as a free 410 page PDF and a $30 paperback book as well.

Check out the Resource Tab on this site for that and other free and for a fee resources in ISD and PI – Instructional Systems Design and Performance Improvement – the former being a sub-set of the latter.

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