It’s Dang Difficult to Overcome Constraints

Dang Difficult

And we should be able to do better. Always.

But too often we don’t consciously assess and plan and implement. By understanding the constraints, the variables, the provisioning systems. The complexity.

Begin with the end in mind – the popular slogan goes, one that I am sure Deming would not have liked, liking no slogans.

But then what?

Damn Difficult Button

It’s Dang Difficult to Overcome Constraints

The following kinds of constraints in this graphic…

EPPI Fishbone v2012 - 1- The Process

But What’s a Process All About?

It should be guided by goals and aspirations of the Enterprise.

It’s then it’s about Accomplishments not Behaviors, Results not Activity, Products from Efforts.


And it’s about how you got there. The Process employed.

And the effectiveness and then the efficiency of how those Products came about, from their Processes.

There are many models to depict this. I have bunches.

Here is one of my favorite big pictures of the big picture…


What’s your own model? What can you add to yours, to mine?

Constraints are the variables one needs to management, and if there are problems/opportunities – one needs to first begin with the end in mind and understand the goals, the Products and then the Processes, and then the Enablers of Processes, and if any of those are discovered to be The Constraint, then one must look to the internal and external “provisioning systems – upstream – that are inadequate.

Understand those, at the right time.


Improve the Performance of those.

For downstream metrics improvement.

Begin With Both Ends in Mind.

Upstream and Downstream.

Yeah. That’s the ticket.

# # #


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