It’s an App! My T&D Systems View Assessment Book

Learning Verbiage Versus Training Verbiage

Note this 2013 App has been updated to reflect Learning Verbiage Versus Training Verbiage, from the 2001 book: T&DSystems View, but IMO a rose is a rose is a rose.


Stop and really smell the roses.

This $20.00 iOS and Android App – will take your down a systemic and systematic path of first targeting, then assessing, and finally planning for improvements to your own L&D or T&D organization or Quality organization or any Improvement-oriented organization.

And please note:  The names of these functions, and collections of people, with budget allocations, and Results expectations, vary widely across the Enterprise landscape. Widely. But they all share something. They share their Processes, both Formally recognized and managed, but for the most part Informally at best, and at worst, not really recognized and managed at all. Doesn’t need to be.

The App facilitates a systematic and systemic process, so that you can target your priorities based on data and/or other insights, assess and compare assessment for prioritization at both the Sub-Systems and Macro Processes levels, and then at the Key Output level, in your current state. You can then plan improvements to those Output Processes for the Process itself, it’s Human Asset Management Systems, and/or Environmental Asset Management Systems, then you send yourself a Report to use as is, or edit further.

The 2001 Book and the 2011 Update


The 2001 version of the book is available as a $20 paperbound – and as a free PDF.

Please go here for more info.

The 2011 book The Curriculum Manager’s Handbook is available as a $20 Paperback and a $15 Kindle.

Please go here for more info.

Back to the App

It helps anyone in a Learning & Development-type functional organization, in a shop of 1 to 1000, to take a “systems view” approach to assessing it’s ideal state, current state and a plan for improvements. It applies to old school T&D – Training & Development organizations too. A rose is a rose….

You first target, zeroing in on a few priorities or many priorities of your own L&D or T&D systems and processes targets, leading to then a deeper assessment, prioritization

Go here – for the Android App at Google Play.

Go here – for the iOS App at the iTunes Store.

Deeper Dive Into the App

In the App Guide – from the Home Page – there are several one time administrative tasks to do, such as entering your name, enterprise and email for use later when You wish to forward the Report to yourself.

In the App Guide you will also find step by step App guidance and App navigation guidance.

These are the 4 major Steps in the L&D Assessment & Improvement Planning process of the App:

  1. Targ (Target)
  2. Asse (Assessment)
  3. Plan (Planning)
  4. Rept (Report)

1st you target your later assessment efforts using the 12 sub-systems framework of the clockface.

2nd you conduct an assessment by reviewing that sub-set of the total 47 Processes where your earlier Targeting steps focused you. And you further assess those in your prioritized Processes for that sub-set of the 71 Outputs.

3rd you estimate both the Investment Costs and the potential Return values and the cycle time for the start to finish of the improvement effort in 3 areas: 1: redesigning the Process itself, and/or 2: various Human Asset Improvement Initiatives, and 3: various Environmental Asset Improvement Initiatives

4th you send yourself your Report for further editing, or use as is. Just add page numbers.

Back to the Report

Once, or after each time you have played around with your targets, your priorities, your assessments, your improvement planning you can always email yourself a copy of the current report – for copying & pasting into whatever word processing/publication stuff you use.

Here is the Table of Contents of the Report that you would create:

1- Report Summary

2- The Tool and Methodology Overview

3- The L&D Sub-Systems Targeted

4- The L&D Macro Processes Assessments

5- The L&D Key Output Assessments

6- Prioritized & Sequenced Improvements

7- Next Steps

8- About the App: L&D Assessment & Improvement Planning

T&D Systems View Content

Training & Development Systems takes a process-centric view of the function known as Training & Development, Learning & Development, etc.

 T&D Systems View – ISPI – 2000 – 46 page PDF – from the 2000 ISPI Conference – covers the T&D Systems View from Guy’s eventual 2001 book of the same name.

TDSV – ISPI Fall Conference – 2004 – 84 page PDF – covers assessing the T&D System to identify targets with worthy ROI potential.

TDSV Assessment – 5 Day WS – 2007 – 372 page PDF – created for a 5 day workshop in Russia that never happened. Originally an agressive/fast-paced 3-day workshop – it was extended due to anticipated language/communications issues.

Back to the Book

Here are the marketing quotes I solicited in 2001 before I took this book to press…

What people say about “T&D Systems View”

George West, Director, Educational Services  Siemen’s Building Technologies:

If you are not actively controlling the critical components of your T&D efforts then they are by definition out of control.  T&D Systems View provides an extremely comprehensive overview of all of the processes that contribute to a successful T&D System.  Guy Wallace then takes the next step by showing you how to select those processes which are most critical to the success of your organization and how to get them under control before someone else does it for you.  This is a must read for anyone interested in more closely aligning the T&D function with the organization’s strategy.

John M. Swinney, Performance Consulting   Bandag, Incorporated:

At first glance, T&D Systems View paints a formidable picture of the ideal business-driven training and development organization.  Then it dawns on you that, intentionally or not, formally or informally, you’re already doing these things.  The question Guy Wallace raises is, “how well?”  If I were a CEO, this is how I would look at my training and development function.

Judith Hale, Hale Associates:

“T&D Systems View is an excellent resource for anyone with a management role in training.  The book has useful guidelines and models on how to structure and manage the T&D function.  The models should drive meaningful discussions that lead to better decisions about the roles, responsibilities, and relationships of the enterprise’s leadership, T&D as a function, and T&D’s internal customers.”

Miki Lane     MVM Communications:

Guy Wallace has done it again!  After demystifying the ISD process in his “lean-ISD” book he tackles the corporate training and development system and puts it in a business-focused perspective.  Whether you are in-house or serving as a external consultant you will find Guy’s model an invaluable tool for enterprise training and development.

This analytic and design process ensures that you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s when moving your company or client to learning by design, not learning by chance.  The elegant clock-faced model helps you develop a clear picture of any organization and clearly helps you map out how best to effectively manage all the elements of the enterprise. Once the elements are mapped out, the model, through enclosed assessment and prioritizing tools helps determine where and when to put corporate assets to maximize corporate return on investment.  This is a must have book for any consultant or organization that is concerned about improving the performance of their organization through improving processes and competencies.

Dale Brethower, Professor, Western Michigan University: 

“(T&D) Systems View explains why the T&D function must be managed as a total system: to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing marketplace.  The book shows, in detail, what must be managed competently for a T&D manager to assure that learning happens by design rather than by chance.  The best T&D managers manage the system components described in the book though probably not as well as they will after studying and thinking through how to fill in the weak or missing components.”

Carol Nicks, Director, Workforce Development, Verizon:

T&D Systems View is a useful guide for any organization assessing current T&D processes or establishing new ones.  It’s emphasis on T&D delivering ROI and shareholder value is a timely message and one critical to any T&D organization’s viability today.

Charline A. Wells     Programs – Manager – Corporate Training   Sandia National Laboratories:

Whether you are new in the Training Business or an “old hand,” this book will provide you with as much guidance as you need to get the job done. Guy has provided material that leaves “no stone unturned” yet there is sufficient flexibility for application in all training organizations.  Well thought out.  Many fresh ideas along with solid reminders of things we knew we should do, but we have, somehow, let go by the wayside.

The App Landing Page

Is here.

This is where you can find all the info, instructions and examples of the process and Report that we have on this.


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