Every Picture Tells A Story

Don’t It?

A comment about the Post’s title, later.

Forms Should Always Follow Function IMO. Except in Art.

When it doesn’t, form following function that is, I feel the dissonance. Do you?

I know that one shot, at the top of the e-page, is not a good sampling to get you to a place of being able to provide a well thought out, informed response.

But with your first blush, what’s your first impression, of the following 3 examples of what I’m talkin’ ’bout here…

What’s right/wrong – good/bad about this picture?


Inviting? Or not?

Or this one?


Any better?

Or how about this?


IMO only one of three are inviting when coming to them via a smartphone.

Two of these, IMO again, seemed not built and deployed with those users in mind.

Which is a shame, today. For I would think that a majority of their visitors would visit via that route, for content, professional development, in the moment of need or at their leisure.

But no. Two out of three times.

Of course I gamed the results in my selection. To make a point.

Back to the Post Title

With apologies to Rod Stewart and the Faces.

And to you, sorry about the commercial…

The lead song BTW is “the one” song I play repeatedly – once or twice each cycle, each drive in the Jeep from home to the airport and then back again in a very predictable pattern – a weekly round trip. With short weekends.

It, the song, of course reminds me of back in the day.

Which is a good thing.

For comparisons. To today.

For CI – Continuous Improvement. Or to right the course. As needed.

All the way to Discontinuous Improvement. As needed.

And in that vein, let me share with you an more recent version of that song than the 1971 version above, Every Picture Tells a Story

Laugh it off.

Oh. Wait one.

Here is what another example.

To balance the Results out.



Beware of Sampling techniques.

So – what have these pictures told you?

# # #


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