Performance Based Learning Architecture

Leads to Development/Acquisition. Or both.

And then Deployment. Or Access.

And then to Maintenance, as planned and/or as necessary.

Life cycle management stuff.

CADs lead to MCD/IAD Efforts…

In my PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management…

… CADs leads to MCDs and/or IADS.


CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design efforts, lead to development in MCD – Modular Curriculum Development and IAD – Instructional Activity Development concern themselves with development of information and/or instruction. Whatever is needed due to the Performance requirements and the ROI of developing and/or acquiring Content. It’s not just a first date. It’s a life long commitment.

Understanding the probable length of that life would help one make better packaging decisions… which use of which media/modes are appropriate. Is it worth it to go over the top, or not?


MCD – Is Linear, although “by design” it revisits and builds on data gathering and decision making all rooted in targeted Performance.

MCD 6 Phases

All of the PACT methodologies for CAD, MCD and IAD are collaborative with many key stakeholders in worthy efforts, read those of high consequence. You don’t go to this level with every job title, process, etc. You don’t. That would not be good stewardship.

Here is MCD with more details about Process Phases, Products and People…

MCD - POTs 2012

MCD is much more predictable, as are all of the PACT Processes.

We know enough about what we are intending to produce (often) along the way, just not exactly what content, flow and media/modes we will employ for both Advanced Organizers, Core Content, and Refresher/Reminders/Reinforcers – whatever you call this last but most critical piece – unless the job itself provides this of course.

Here is a Map of the Outputs of an MCD effort. An engineering approach to Instructional Design.

Click on to enlarge and/or copy each graphic.

MCD Project Key Outputs

The core thing about the “design” part of Instructional Design, what I call the heart of the design is the Lesson Map.

As I do and have been doing design of Instruction – since 1979 – with groups of Master Performers and Subject Matter Experts – I needed a visual framework for the flip chart pages.

Here is an example.


The design needs to be authentic. For it to transfer for 85-95% of the population. Only 5-15% can learn out of context and then apply into a new context. If your content isn’t authentic enough… well, then… it probably doesn’t have a prayer of moving the performance metrics needles in the right directions.

I take the Analysis data regarding both the Performance Model and the Knowledge/Skills Matrices and in a facilitated process, create this kind of design, which is only as good as both the analysis data, and the capabilities of the Design Team, including the facilitator’s skill.

Most of my consulting experience in ID/ISD areas is with CAD (75 projects to date) and MCD/IAD (50). See the project overviews in the Clients Tab of this web site – or go here.

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