Focus on Performance and Enable That

Or – Focus on the Performance Requirements – And Enable Them

What’s your mental model for approaching your version of this? Here is mine…

PC at the Worker Work and Workplace levels

We do have a professional issue of nomenclature – as a few have recently pointed out – the same as has been pointed out over the 4 decades I’ve been involved in the business of performance improvement.

Adopt what you can – and adapt the rest.

And don’t think of every problem/opportunity is your hammer’s nail. The situation may require a saw.

Your stuff can’t possibly deal with all of the variables of performance. My mental model for this follows.

EPPI Fishbone v2012 - 1- The Process

Find the root – variables – and then assess their adequacy.

Advice to my fellow ID/ISD Travelers…


The same can be said for my readers from other Improvement means… Lean, Six Sigma, ToC, IE, HR, OD, etc., etc.


Get to the root of the enablers and their current state adequacy. Otherwise you may be wasting time. Not always. But maybe.

What’s the likelihood that your speciality is the right means to the ends?

Each and every time?


# # #


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