Do You have Bigger Fish to Fry – Performance Improvement-Wise?

What’s Your Performance Improvement Potential (PIP)?

Of course I mean that for each issue – each opportunity/problem – each set of potential returns for the risks, for the investments required. The all in investments as well as the returns over the years – for comparison purposes only.

When you have more issues than you can shake your resource stick at. Your cup of resources is over-runneth by the gallons of effort required… or liters.


How you go about making the targeting decisions is just, if not more, important, than how you approach your issue, which tool-kit you use. Or Blend.

Be that TQM, ToC, Lean, Six-Sigma, OD, Marketing, Finance, HR, Project Management, Performance Improvement.

It takes a village to go after the Big Fish or the Big Catch.

To feed a village.  Many hands. Many skills.

In a Process.

# # #

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