A Prep-Lesson-Transfer Map

It’s All About Performance

Not Learning/Instruction. I do modular design for Instruction and Information. For Training/Learning, Documentation, Job Aids, etc., etc. I even help guide Master Performers to design or redesign processes from time to time. In the end, all of that, is all about, Measured Results.

Results. The R in ROI. Which is really all about management targeting the efforts and investments in Instruction than the ISDers skill-set and competence. Much more. The ISDer can (unless inhibited) insure transfer, not Return. Too many other variables. Be careful pointing that out to those who challenge you on after-the-fact ROI. Back to Transfer. I have a Map.


In addition to all pure Informal Learning, what un-pure/guided Informal and Formal Learning is needed to get the incoming Learners to become competent Performers back on the job?

Is there more than Instruction – in any of many blends of media and modes – necessary?

Well, yes.

Preparation – Before

You can provide “Advanced Organizers” such as these:

  • Performance Context – Little Picture to Big Picture
  • WIIFM (What’s in it for the Learner/Me)
  • WIIFE (What’s in it for the Enterprise)
  • What awareness, knowledge, skills (AKS) are needed to perform
  • What AKS are considered prerequisite and sources for them
  • Jump-Start Readings, Videos, Audios, Structured Interviews/Observations and Debriefings, Etc., Etc.

Lesson – During

During Instruction/Learning there is a need for a flow of bite-sized chunks of learning (modular not modules) of Information – Demonstration – Application –  in a proven flow – to create new awareness, knowledge and or skills, using any appropriate blend of modes and media – everything needed to that provide an “authentic enough” learning experience. Or, why bother?

But it takes more than that.

Transfer – After

Transfer is where it is at – or should be.On the Job Reinforcements may be needed to insure that it transfers and sticks.Reinforcement such as:

  • Performance Measurement
  • Balanced Consequences for all performers at all levels
  • Supervisor/ Team Development as appropriate
  • Spaced Learning as appropriate
  • On-the-Job observations & performance coaching

Note that not all of the above are always needed. Sometimes they occur naturally, informally. If they do not do their job well enough informally, then make them more formal too.

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