Who Is Really Stressed? Executives or Subordinates?

The Myth Is That It Is The Executives

But it is not. The subordinates don’t have enough control in their lives, as the executives generally do.


From a Scientific American article:

The Myth of Executive Stress

Someone has to be in control. Lacking control is associated with higher blood pressure, lowered immune function, and a host of stress-related diseases. Control is the essence of power, the linchpin binding status to stress.

People so crave control over their lives that when control is scarce they will manufacture it.

Stress Kills

Author Keith Payne: I doubt the sincerity of professionals who say they feel stressed. Everyone feels overwhelmed at times. But “stress” has become a cliché. It is a buzzword so overused that it has come unbound from its scientific meaning. The professional class may be stressed in their way. But the powerless are stressed in the way that kills.

See the article online – here.

And finally – and most importantly – what do you do to minimize and address the inevitable stress in your personal and professional lives?

Fight – or – Flight?


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