The Pursuing Performance Resources Tab – A Treasure Chest – By Design

Just this last week I was catching up on reading Blog Posts from my assignment as an ASQ Influential Voice blogger, responding to monthly posts by ASQ’s CEO, Paul Borawski, and for my general continuous learning purposes too, and I read this from fellow ASQ Influential Voice Blogger, Scott Rutherford, who so generously wrote of my website, really THE Resource Tab…

Exploring his website is a training geek’s dream. There are loads of information, webinars, PowerPoint presentations on the art and science of instructional system design and learning.

Thank you Scott!

BTW his Square Peg Musing Blog is – here.

Why Oh Why?

Just so my readers here know, my key mentor, the late Geary A. Rummler, was extremely generous with me over two plus decades.

When he reviewed a book I had written in 1999 (attributing the roots of my analysis approaches to him) he not only wrote a great review for marketing purposes, he took it upon himself to redo the cover (front and back) of the draft-almost done.

I told him that as I could never repay him, I would have to pay it forward.

He liked that, as that was exactly what he was doing.

And … my professional society, ISPI,, which I have been a card carrying member (as the good doctor Geary Rummler would say back in the day) since 1979, has been like that too. Generous sharing by everyone, leading to accelerated learning for me in particular.

And so that is the tradition I grew up in, in my profession.

Some of you get that I am sure.

The rest of you, go get involved in something local and/or virtual! Really!

So What The Heck Is In This Resource Tab?

Over 350 items FOR FREE…

  • Over 150 Video Podcasts
  • Over 25 Audio Podcasts
  • Over 20 Presentations
  • Over 35 Articles
  • Over 5 Books
  • And Too Many to Count Graphics

And – just over a dozen books –  FOR SALE.

Plus links to other writings and presentations. I’ve done over 90 and 110 respectively.

OK – here is even more detail about The Pursuing Performance Blog/Website Resource Tab

Resource Tab Replicated Here

As of November 2, 2013. No extra clicking involved!

Unless you wish to click – here.

1- Content For Sale Elsewhere

  • For Sale: Books – 13 books – some available as hardbound, and others as paperbacks and Kindles.

2- Content For Free

  • For Free: Audio Podcasts – including 12 on lean-ISD, 4 on T&D Systems View, 4 on Management Areas of Performance, several done with Thiagi, and others of Guy done by others – and shared on their behalf here. 
  • For Free: Guy’s HPT Virtual Video Locker – my collection of 62 videos including a series of short videos with a diverse set of Human Performance Technology Practitioners, and another series of longer video interviews with HPT Legacy Practitioners.
  • For Free: Book PDFs – several books offered as free PDFs (most available “for sale” in either hardbound and/or paperback.
  • For Free: Quarterly Newsletters PDF Archive (1986 to 2007) – the collection of newsletters from beginning in 1986 at R. A. Svenson & Associates – to – SWI – Svenson & Wallace Inc. – to – CADDI Inc. – to – EPPIC Inc. – which I then converted to the Pursuing Performance Blog. 

3- Great Resources Elsewhere

4- Foo Foo/Myth Fighting

*** *** ***

And – Lean-ISD – On LinkedIn

Join my “Lean-ISD” Group on LinkedIn – to engage with me and other PACT Practitioners and those just starting to climb the Learning Curve!

This is the place for you to do Q&A with me – and others – on all things PACT – and EPPI.

The Graphics – can be found and copied from the 2000+ Blog Posts and in many of the other resources.

Appropriate attribution requested for reuse – and that’s built in to most graphics provided – by my ownership is not to be restricted to those that are obviously marked. My intent is to share for your practical personal use, not give them away to others for commercial use.



– Guy W. Wallace

# # #

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