Persistent Learning & Performance Improvement Myths

Instead of Persistent Evidence Based Practice

I am sure that you recognize some of these myths in my list below.

Some of you may even subscribe to one or two.

I just heard an executive mention Generational Differences – only – thankfully – for another to steer the conversation away from that.

I believe he got it, the second executive. But he didn’t – being polite – correct the first.

So we all potentially suffer from the confusion and misbelief that Generational Differences has anything to do with it.

Buzz Thoughts...a2

One big problem is when our “major institutions” reinforce this Foo Foo.

Generational Differences is just one example. Learning Styles is another example.

Here, from Richard E. Clark, Ed.D., Director of USC’s Center for Cognitive Technologies…

www.nmispi.org_08_file_cabinet_Presentations_ISPI Keynote Clark April 2012NMISPI

This slide above is from his keynote presentation at ISPI in 2012 in Toronto.

For more about Dr. Clark – please go here for his LinkedIn Profile.

And go here to one of my many past Blog Posts about him, that from my My First Friday Favorite Guru Series.

There Is Too Much Foo Foo – IMO

Here are links to Pages on this site – with links to articles and to research findings off this site – on each of the various types of Foo Foo found too often in Instructional Design and Performance Improvement, including:

Of course, I could be wrong.

Bring me the data.

And … data is plural.

# # #

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