Functional Process-Centricity – Is It Possible?

Can an Enterprise organized by Function – Be Process Centric?

Can they be Process Centric enough?

I believe it depends on Their Collective View of Themselves. But yes.

Here is how I would present a view the typical, functional organization chart… in a Business Architecture… as a starting point to creating the View that I would market internally…

Org Chart in L-C-S Mode

The Enterprise department of the CEO (or whatever) is at the top – unless that executive team wanted to flip this – to put the front-line people at the top – which has been promoted many times in my professional life.

Next comes the row of Functional Heads – or in my case their Departments.

Then comes the departments.

What’s with all the strange boxes with the L-C-S on them, in rows?

Here’s the Box

The Box for a Department – which owns some Processes and Supports other Processes. And its Core Processes are those that make it a unique Department – or Team if you prefer.

I’m using the Department as my major building block for views of an Enterprise. The L-C-S framework or model or….

EPPA - Building Block View - Department

The boxes at the top in the big box – those labeled L-C-S are for the management of the Department.

Those that are below the big box – in blue (owned) and green (supported) represent the individual Process that the Department’s people work on or in. Each AoP Box represents one or many Processes.

Here below is an example from a manufacturing operation – presented at three levels – the number of levels in your Enterprise – top to bottom may vary and you’ll need to adapt.

Remember – the Department framework can exist at the Functional level and at the Enterprise level – as a collection of People working on lots of different Processes.

Enterprise View

Here is a fictional application. Think Departments in Functions… for a manufacturing enterprise…


Functional View


Department View


Note – the Core is where the differences are. This enables a sharing of Processes for the Leadership and Support areas of performance for any manager.

Next – Name and Number all of Your Processes

You are on your own! Good luck!

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