Determining the Blend of Formal and Informal Learning

It’s All About Risk and Reward

Or should be.

When-R-R and Clarity 2

Unless your resources are unlimited.

I guess there are some in THAT situation.

In that case … nevermind.

01-LiMl 66155-Lessons_in_Maki-sfull

I should be more careful to not overgeneralize.

And I don’t mean Informal isn’t appropriate.

Or all you can afford.

Until you or someone determines that the Risks and Rewards simply dictate addressing the need – and there is a resource allocation.

So to speak.

That’s when it should become more Formal, using whatever blend of media, mode, duration, intensity, fun or nightmare-ish qualities (whatever reflects the authentic job please), that is both most effective and most efficient. Yeah. Do that. Formally.

And measure your results in terms of job performance improvement, process performance improvement, and organizational performance improvement.

# # #

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