ISD and PI Processes Without the Context of the Downstream Processes Meander

The PACT and EPPI Views of Processes Inputs, Processes, Outputs and Process Chains Are Derived From DownStream Requirements and Constraints

If you don’t know how your Output functions as an Input downstream, how can you produce the ideal output, or outputs, that are both effective and efficient?

Output as Input plus text

Knowing the downstream requirements in critical to upstream success.

True in ISD – Instructional Systems Design.

True in Performance Improvement as well.

True in Quality efforts.

True in the design of the Value Chain.

True in the design of the Enterprise.

Very Scalable, this concept.

Think: Output As Input

Outputs As Inputs graphic

An UPSTREAM Output, any Output, is only as good as it is as an Input DOWNSTREAM.

  • Some outputs are inputs to only one downstream operation internal and/or external.
  • Other outputs are inputs at many downstream operations, internal and/or external.

Process produce Outputs such as data, and/or products (assembly components or finished goods), and/or services rendered (washing machine replaced), etc., etc.

Success in that comes from beginning with the end in mind – where the end is the “Receiving System” – and its “Requirements.”

If this is not clear in your effort, the downstream requirements, then you should strive to make it clear ASAP.


And… it’s never as simple as listening to the Customer, or your Customers.

Or all of your Customers and their Customers.

Oh no.

Not that simple.

It’s The Stakeholders Silly!

And… it’s not that simple.

Each downstream Process, and/or step in the Value Chain has Stakeholders – that include but go beyond the Customer.

Example below. Your Context of course may vary.

Stakeholder Hierachy Example 1

And then…

But Wait! There’s More!

You know how Customers have Customers?


And that each of those Customers – have Requirements?

Yeah. Well…

Stakeholders likewise have Stakeholders.

And they have not only Requirements – they also have Constraints.

How well and deeply does your improvement effort – through whatever means – need to take all of this Context into Consideration?

How well does your Process consider…

The Context of Downstream Processes and their Stakeholders’ Contexts.

And yes. It may or may not be worth some Consideration.

As Always – it Depends.

01-LiMl 66155-Lessons_in_Maki-sfull

Your ISD, or ToC, or Lean, or Six Sigma, or OD Intervention, or blends of many solution-sets, should all have one focus…

Focus on the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them.


Focus on Performance Post-It Note slide

With an eye on the ROI for all of your expenditures of efforts and money.


# # #

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