3 Neil Rackham Videos on Creating Value in Sales and Instructional Design Criteria.

1st Neil Rackham Video

A short video.

Just under 4 minutes. For people in Sales.

“Sales is Value Creation – not Value Communication.”

Next Video

Interview with Neil…

Video is just under 16 minutes in length. If you are in Sales/Marketing – you’ll enjoy this.

I Am A Long Time Fan

I’ve known Neil since 1981 and had the opportunity to work with him directly on a few projects while I was at Motorola Training & Education Center, 1981-1982, even visiting his Sheffield offices on a Negotiations project, and years later visiting him in his Reston VA farm offices – and going to lunch locally where they served SPIN Chicken.

That last visit was when my firm was building SPIN Sales Scenarios for several clients. BTW – Best when used after the Learners have mastered the concepts and behaviors applying them on something foreign, so they couldn’t so easily default to current practices in place of the new desired behaviors.

Here is my 3rd Video of Neil, from 1981, where I was in the audience that day – and this video is an entire day boiled down to just under one hour.

Video is 57 minutes – and would be of interest to those involved in the design of Learning.

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