Your Level of Concern Concerns Other Levels of Concern

Most of Us Are Focused on the Lower Levels and a Few Are Focused on the Higher Levels

The Levels being…

  • Mega – or – the Social Responsibility Level
  • Enterprise – or Organization Level
  • Process Level
  • Individual Level

Your model, of course, might differ.

But the Systems Thinkers among us see the endless interconnections. In my model or yours. And between mine and yours.

Stakeholders Balance Scales

And the best of those Systems Thinkers see the critical few hiding among the important many, each shouting out for our attention – when it comes to improvement opportunities we are “opportunity rich” I am afraid.

For there are many Stakeholders. Many. At each level.

Pick a level from the 4 above, something you are familiar with, and think of some examples using this “example Stakeholder Hierarchy” model. Or adapt the model if needed.

This one below is Social Responsibility top-heavy, and your Enterprise might not yet be there.

Stakeholder Hierachy Example 1

It is complex. Performance and Performance Requirements.

At any level. And difficult to communicate.

Difficult to Communicate

There is not one audience, and therefore there is not one message.

But there could be a simple word or phrase used to sum it all up.

The simple words, or phrases, or drawings and communications – should be created after the complex versions are roughed out.

Not before. As is too often the case.

As evidenced by all the scrambling to attend to last minute details.

The Big Picture often rests on some culmination of all of the Little Pictures – where the devil resides, as in warning-in-truth reminder familiar to us all: “the devil is in the details.”

Yes indeed.

Work through those early.

How To Do Your Best When You Are Focused On Only One Level?

Connect with those who are your Stakeholders at that level, and understand the requirements on them and on you. For your Processes and those of your Customers.

And really think through the complexity that is typically the “Stakeholders” on those of your Customers, and from within and across the other levels of your own Enterprise and the broader Marketplace, that are all necessary to address, to make it happen – make meeting the requirements happen.

And find some way to capture and present your findings. Of your Performance Requirements. From a Stakeholder perspective/need.

List them. Map them. Frame them in some relevant context.

Draw yourselves a set of pictures. That communicate.

And then Communicate with those upstream, clearly, what your own Requirements are.

After insuring that everyone in your own Process-sets- are clear about the Requirements that they face.

And provide feedback. Clearly. And Timely. To all.

And work collaboratively with your own team and others to make your own Processes leaner in meeting the downstream needs of the Stakeholders for those Processes that you support or otherwise enable, as well as your own.

It is complex. And it is that simple.

But doable.

And worth doing IMO.

Focus on the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them

# # #

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