What Part of Measured Results Don’t You Understand?

Measured Results

Pick a key metric, or multiple key metrics.

Establish their baselines and trends.

Apply your interventions.

Measure the Results and compare them to the baselines and trends.

Intervention Levers

There are many models for Variables and Interventions – here are some of mine.

At the Individual and Process Levels – I always start with the Process itself.

Such as in: “Is there a Process?”

Does everybody follow it or not?

And if not, why not?

Then – I look to the 3 sets of variables below: 1) The Process, 2) the Environmental Assets and 3) the Human Assets – that are the key Enablers. Hopefully, taking my client and some team through the journey of discovery, on the way to improvement. Collaboratively.



Then I and the team look to the variables’ enabler systems – using my model below – as my starting point – to get to the “authentic/specifics” of my client’s situation. Where do these kinds of things happen in the Enterprise?

The EPPI HAMS and EAMS Model


What are your models for doing likewise?

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