Analysis Data Drives Design Modularity and Mode

Serving Two Audiences and Many Stakeholders

PUSH and PULL Target Audiences.

Some audiences are so critical to the Performance of the Enterprise that the Enterprise needs to PUSH Learning/ Training/ Performance-Competence-Development at them.

Other audiences are less critical. We wouldn’t develop Formal T&D/Learning for them, but we can design and develop/acquire Instructional Content – including Performance Support content that instructs in the moment of need – and Performance Development content that develops before and after the moment of need.

PUSH-PULL Content - By Design

Self-Paced, in the PACT model, is perfect for “in the moment” of need situations – for Performance Support at the moment of need and perhaps before and after the moment of need – where continuous practice is deemed necessary – due to the Risk and or Reward for getting it right when the need arises.

Why Before The Moment of Need?

Why not do everything in the moment of need?

Because sometimes that is just too late. And sometimes the consequences of being late are too much to bear and so something is done about it. Informal becomes Formal. Well, or poorly.


Informal becomes Formal for a reason.

Formal becomes Performance Support and/or Performance Development – for a reason too.

Your Curriculum Architecture – Learning Architecture – Performance Development & Support Architecture – your configuration of content – is a Product Line – that needs continuous improvement and updating – and the real question is:

  • Does you current approach minimize the costs for Content Maintenance?
  • Does you current approach minimize the costs for Content Sharing – either “As Is” AI or “After Modification” AM?
  • Does you current approach minimize the costs for Content Development via Content Sharing – or what in PACT is termed: ReUse?
  • Does your current approach focus squarely on terminal Performance, with authentic content at the right time and pacing?
  • Could an Investment in a change in the current state approach equate to significant Returns for the Enterprise?

PACT 7 Business Reasons for Embracing

My Approach For Over 30 Years

PACT is: 5 methodology-sets – with 3 levels of design supported/enabled by common analysis and project planning/management sets of principles, concepts, models, methods, tools and techniques.

PACT Logo w 5 Methodologies 2


There is also a Logic to PACT…

PACT Data Logic

Something as Complex as Learning/Performance Competence Development – isn’t addressed by simple models that aren’t overviews of complex systems. IMO.

A video from a past client effort… at GM in the mid to late 1990s… where PACT was rebranded internally as MC/MI…

Video is just under 12 minutes.

Besides The Many Free Resources On This Site 

Then there are some books for sale as well…


Click on the image above for more information about these 6 and other books by Guy W. Wallace.

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