An ISD Process Focused On An Enterprise Process

Or Processes

Most likely Processes. Plural. But sometimes singular.

A Blend as it were. Another Blend.

Sometimes ISD approaches need to be able to scale from the micro to the macro.

Sometimes they need to address micro needs such as “Gowning Up” in a laboratory environment in accordance with Regulations and Policy.

And Sometimes they need to be able to address more macro needs such as “Product Development and Life Cycle Management.”

PACT Data Logic

Sometimes you need a quick Module for use in On-Boarding learning needs, that can also be used for On-Going learning needs.

And just because you think modular doesn’t mean that everything is available/accessible as a short Module. I have disliked that narrow thinking about modular curricula/ learning, short bites, bits, quips, whatever. Sometimes that’s all you need, but many times that may be totally inadequate.

Modular To Me Means Architectural in Nature

But hey, I started at Kansas University in the Architecture Program but graduated with a degree in Radio/TV/Film. So perhaps my love of architecture influences, biases my view. And that’s OK with me. I see Instruction/ Learning/ Education/ Training and Communications in a modular sense always. For repeat instruction. But I see it at lower levels than most others IMO.

I see it lower than the Instructional Activity Level in a Lesson. And I see it building up from that to the Path level – and then higher to the Enterprise level. All levels of Architecture IMO.

A T&D Path Example

CAD P3 TD Path Zone Mgr TMC

An Event Level Example

TMC - MCD P3 - Event Map

A Lesson Level


An Instructional Activity Spec

I-Act Spec TMC


This doable if you have your Analysis Data Aligned – and Done Best if Focused on Performance.


This Approach Requires a Behind the Scenes Architecture at the Enterprise Level

My 5 Tier Inventory Structure

ECA 1-of-4

The Other Inventory Categories 2-3-4


ECA 2-of-4


ECA 3-of-4


ECA 4-of-4

ReUse – For Improved Efficiency 

Without sacrificing authenticity – for then you’ve just wasted all of the invest IMO.

ReUse Event Map and 5-Tier Inventory

The PACT Processes


For These Benefits

PACT 7 Business Reasons for Embracing

With a Solid Data Logic Behind It All – IMO

PACT Data Logic

If you cannot draw yourself a similar picture of your sets of linkages – between your analysis, design development, and evaluation data, perhaps you need rethink what you are doing.

Unless all that’s wanted are some short term sets of content – with no shelf life worthy of consideration for ReUse, or long term impact, etc.

And The Circle Is Complete

Hopefully you find it logical, and both adoptable and adaptable to meet your specific situation.

# # #


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