TBT: Geary A. Rummler 1981

I was there at MTEC the day this was video taped. April 1981.

I would officially join Motorola’s Training & Education Center the next week. I came in to our temporary location at the Gould Center in Schaumburg IL – with the Picasso out front – out there in this western suburb of Chicago, early – by one week – to see Geary.

I was working alongside his brother-in-law in Saginaw Michigan when this opportunity came up. From my boss and co-worker I had learned an ISD methodology at Wickes Lumber based on things Rummler and Gilbert had done at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in Detroit – where Geary’s brother, Rick, worked. Now I was going to get to work with The Man.


The Video is 44 minutes in length.

Geary A. Rummler passed away in October 2008. He was a mentor of mine.


He was a friend of mine.

He was a business associate of mine.


Here he is wearing a CADDI hat. CADDI Inc. was my consulting firm prior to starting EPPIC Inc.

Geary & Matt Rummler 11-24-99 - Copy

The time for ISPI’s Spring Conference is approaching.

So I have been thinking about him. A lot. Happens every spring. His birthday is April 16th.

So there are too many reminders. For someone who shared so freely. And had such an impact on me.


RIP Geary.

And thank you.

# # #

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