Experimenting With the Samsung Gear 2

Week 1 of the Experiment – During Week 67 of the Project

So I am waiting for an off-site meeting to start. I check the time. On my experimental watch – if it can be called that. Smartwatch is more appropriate.


Later in the meeting, during a lull, I check on what’s been causing my wrist to tingle with the vibration from the Notification system.

First Gmail.

20140507_113819 (1)

Then Facebook – which I ignore – I am on the clock until lunch time.

Then at lunch I check the schedule for the weekend.

Ah, one of the grandsons has a baseball game . He’s 7.


The local weather – in the GTA – that’s the Greater Toronto Area – hmm – rain is coming.


Nothing That Couldn’t Be Done With The Smartphone

But that was in my shirt breast pocket. Could have been in another pocket or across the room.

So I think I like it – as an early warning system.

What Else Ya Got?

  • Email
  • Voice/ Memo Recorder
  • Photo Camera
  • Video Camera (15 second clips)
  • Music Player
  • Heart Rate Monitor and History
  • Stop Watch
  • Pedometer

Those are they key things I have been experimenting with.

Video clip from inside the elevator:

… Belay My Last – the file for a 15 second clip is 22MB …

I have yet to experiment with the following:

  • WatchOn Remote (for your TV)
  • S Voice
  • Timer
  • QR/Barcode Reader
  • and a few others.

What It Doesn’t Do – Yet

  •  Allow me to read the News
  • Do online banking
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

But then I can do those things on the Smartphone that’s in my pocket or across the room.

That’s my report for today.

So far so good. I think I like it. Enough to continue the experiment and continue to wear it.

More to come.

# # #


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