I Just Bought Killer Analytics by Mark Graham Brown

Note: Mark and I worked together back in the mid to late 1980s at R.A.Svenson & Associates – that later became SWI – Svenson & Wallace. He went on to start his own firm and specializes in Performance Measurement. He has been a Baldrige Examiner and has the best selling book about the Baldrige Award. We have also worked on consulting gigs since last working at RAS in 1989.

From Amazon.com

Featuring twenty metric indices that help you measure components of business performance that traditionally are not measured, Killer Analytics helps you identify and address the weak links in your organization, including:

  • Innovation
  • Supply Chain
  • Project Management
  • Risk
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sustainability Index
  • Customer/Stakeholder Analytics
  • Outcomes
  • Customer Engagement and Rage
  • Social Network Index
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Human Capital
  • Workforce Happiness

In Killer Analytics, you’ll discover powerful new ways of combining individual metrics—qualitative and quantitative, past, present, and future—into indices and analytics approaches that generate more intelligent insights. For each analytics approach, Brown provides a list of questions for you to answer, providing a starting point for choosing the right individual metrics and analytics to provide insights for your unique business challenges.

Each chapter explores why the measure is important, how it benefits your organization, and how to measure the factors that go into a recommended analytic. In each case, a generic model is presented of the index that will mostly need to be customized for your own organization.

Learn to diagnose your corporation’s hidden land mines and develop strategic foresight and predictions for your company’s future with the groundbreaking metrics found in Killer Analytics.

For more please go – here.

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