Typically – We’ve Ignored Evidence About…

From Dick Clark’s presentation at ISPI’s 50th Anniversary Conference in Toronto in April 2012.

Clark - We ve ignored evidence


Where are you and your practices in alignment – or not in alignment – with these points?

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3 comments on “Typically – We’ve Ignored Evidence About…

  1. Hi Steve. Just a note to let you know you are not alone. When I first heard this, I reacted the same way. But, Clark and Estes explain it quite well in their book, “Turning Research Into Results.” They cited the research done by Kruger & DeNisi, authors of the article in Guy’s first link in his reply to your comment.


  2. Howdy, Guy –

    Digging most of these points. The one that has me a little perplexed is the point about feedback. Surely there is more context surrounding this generalization.

    I’m aware of the study about feedback midstream negatively impacting complex task performance (http://medicalxpress.com/news/2012-08-feedback-negative-impact.html). But am having a really hard time with a generalized “feedback doesn’t matter”. Do you have more info on that point?


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