Soon the Eagles Will Be Gone – Again

We boated to the eagles nest on our other lake last weekend and stopped to watch for a while, along with 7 other boats. The two adults showed up in March. The babies, three of them this year, showed up a couple of months later. The day before all 5 were out of the nest and the three babies were perched a few feet/yards from the nest.


Past experience tells me that they’ll probably be gone sometime in July.

And then they will (hopefully) return next late winter/early spring. To repeat the cycle.

Most organizations’ processes follow some pattern, some cycle.

Those of us in the business of performance improvement know to look for those performance cycles.

That’s one of the keys to analysis – of processes – and of individual performance.


Find the various performance cycles.

And then …

Start with the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them.

# # #


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