Since It All Began As Informal Learning …

… Targeting the Right Performance for Formal Learning Is Critical

I recommend a solid Governance & Advisory Structure of people and of processes and metrics that make sense to that enterprise.

One example – to help you understand where I am coming from … and later why …

LD Goverance Structure Example

This is where Command & Control and Collaboration happen.

Don’t like Command and Control? So that Resource do not necessarily go to where they are most critically needed … and perhaps go Wherever?

Then this Post and this Site are probably not for you.

But you are certainly welcome to stay…

For me…

It All Begins At The Top – of the Clock in a Systems View of L&D and Performance Improvement

Here’s my view …


Your view may vary.

This BTW is all covered in my 2001 book …

2001 TDSV Book Cover 1

A Review from 2001 …

“Guy Wallace has done it again! After demystifying the ISD process in his lean-ISD book, he tackles the corporate training and development system and puts it in a business-focused perspective. Whether you are in-house or serving as an external consultant, you will find Guy’s model an invaluable tool for enterprise training and development.

This analytic and design process ensures that you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s when moving your company or client to Learning by Design, not Learning by Chance. The elegant clockface model helps you develop a clear picture of any organization and clearly helps you map out how best to effectively manage all the elements of the enterprise. Once the elements are mapped out, the model, through enclosed assessment and prioritizing tools, helps determine where and when to put corporate assets to maximize corporate return on investment.

This is a must-have book for any consultant or organization that is concerned about improving the performance of their organization through improving processes and competencies.”

—Miki Lane      Senior Partner        MVM Communications

T&D Systems View (2001) Available as Free PDF

Click on image to link to the download page.

T&D Systems View is also available as a $20 Paperback book – for more information and to order – please go – here.

Quick 2 Minute Assessment


Here as a PDF: TD Sys View Quick Assessment

… or this version …


Here as a PDF: TD Sys View Quick Assessment B

Why Target?

To be a good steward of shareholder equity. It’s that simple.



  • Are your constrained resources going to the right targets?
  • Are you in sync and aligned with the business of your enterprise?
  • And making appropriate, timely mid-course corrections to remain in sync and aligned with the business of the enterprise?

Be a Good Steward of Shareholder Equity

Get aligned to the needs of your business – both Formally and Informally!

# # #

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