Me? I’m Wary of That Vision Thing.

Do You Have a Clear Vision—And is It Giving You the Focus You Need to Succeed?

ASQ’s new CEO, Bill Troy, is taking up where the former CEO left off in terms of A View from the Q – the ASQ CEO’s Blog – where he raises issues or a question every month – and some 2 dozen or so Bloggers in the Influential Voices community respond. And others as well.

Here we go again.

BTW – Bill was introduced to the Intranet communities in this posting – here.

Bill ends his first post with these comments … and questions …

Here at ASQ I have been talking a lot about focus as we go through our strategic planning process.  Do we have the right focus and does everyone know it?  How about your organization?   Do you have a clear vision—and is it giving you the focus you need to succeed?


Call Me A Skeptic

But actions speak louder than words.

Yes words can be inspirational – but only if visible action is seen to a greater extent than the marketing and/or communications hype that a Vision or Mission or Values statement too often becomes.

That’s when the hype turns hollow.

When the resources are not adequate. When executive and managements’ time is not adequate. When the funds are not adequate. When the measures are not adequate.

When there are other priorities.

So I say: earn it – your right to proclaim your Vision – before you print it and communicate it.

Show them that it’s real first. Then tout it.

Earn It First

Go through all the machinations that are required to produce said Vision Statement.

But then keep it to yourself.

Keep it quiet until you’ve achieved it – enough of it – re the Vision – through the actions that you have directed and communicated and by the resources you have invested – make them so well known that when you finally articulate your Vision – it’ll seem like a no brainer. Yawn.

Use that Vision to input into your Hoshin Planning or Policy Deployment or Management By Objectives “planning and resourcing” efforts – and then make it happen.

Walk that talk. Walk that Vision talk.

Don’t just talk it. Don’t talk Vision. Talk about the actions leading to the Vision.

Some of the people hearing your Vision may have heard it all before. This isn’t their first rodeo. A little thing like a Vision Statement isn’t going to get them excited, get them engaged, get them pulling on the oars….


The Vision should drive the Leader’s decisions and actions.

Then the non-Leaders, the other Followers, will follow.

– Skeptical Guy

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