Yes – The More You Know ….

 … The More You Know You Don’t Know

But also – you see things such as complex Performance – differently.

The More You Know

When you understand a little bit about all the other variables … you will understand your own variable better.

As, no variable is an island – so to speak.

What’s in Your Model of Performance Variables?

Here is part of my Model-set… the EPPI Fishbone …


With apologies of course to Ishikawa.

But Wait – There’s More!

Here is another in my model-set … the BIG Picture of EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement …


And side two of that … includes a smaller version of this graphic – one view of the possible Stakeholders for any Process, Process-set, or Enterprise, or value Chain, or Industry, or …

Stakeholder Hierachy Example 1


Stakeholders are concerned and have Requirements for either the Process, or the Product, or both.

And their Stakeholders have requirements.

It’s not quite as simple as one graphic might make it seem.

# # #

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