Blog Post 2222

It’s A Milestone

Only because I wasn’t paying attention and missed #2000. Ahem.




I began my Blog at Blogspot back in 2004 – but after almost 3 years I only had 3 or 4 posts.

So in 2007 I decided to delete those (sorry now that I did) and begin anew.


I started excerpting my own prior writings – having been professionally published first in 1979 – the first at my employer post-college – and embellishing/expanding on them.

My list of publications is – here – if you really care to know.

93 to date. More coming.

So I had a lot of materials to work from.

Some would say fodder.

In 2007

I decided to end my quarterly newsletters, which are – here –  which I and my former consulting firms had started in 1986 – and moved all of my future writing – SHARING – to a non-scheduled approach – using that Blog.

So I deleted the 3 or 4 Posts – and repurposeed that Blog.

Eventually I moved it to WordPress -and I am most happy with that move BTW.


Why write so many posts?

In a way, I owe it to my key mentor, the late Geary A. Rummler. I could never repay him, so I told him I would pay it forward. This was back in the late 1990s.

A Tradition of Sharing

I grew up in my profession – ISD – with NSPI (now ISPI) – where there was a very strong tradition of sharing.

I was on the receiving end from Rummler and Harless, Mager, Brethower and dozens and dozens more. For years and years. So after 5 years of taking, I decided to give back.

At some point you figure you just gotta give back. At least I did.

I may have guilty taking and not giving. I don’t recall.

So writing (and presenting) came early for me – and I was rewarded by most of it getting into print. Back in the day.

That First Post

March 4, 2007.

Why I recently updated that first post (other than the 3 earlier posts deleted) with newer graphics – I don’t know. Not that it really matters.

Here is the tile and link to my first (or fourth)…

Beginning with the End Tactics In Mind? Or the Goals?

In the end it’s all about Performance – IMO.

That’s what drives my approach to ISD – formal, informal, performance support electronic or not (EPSS).

It’s not about Learning.

It’s not about Training.

In an Enterprise Context.



Focus on the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them

Thank you for reading. Your comments are welcome!

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