This Is Week 80 – Of My Toronto Consulting Gig

And Only 8 Weeks To Go 

In 32 years of consulting – I have never spent this much continuous time on a client project.

I was brought in by the lead contractor to do one thing for 18 months – and ended up doing something different for 20 months.

This all winds down and ends 9/26.

I met the lead consultant on this Toronto gig way back in the day – on November 1, 1982 – the day after I had left Motorola’s Training & Education Center – and joined Ray Svenson at his small, but growing consulting business.

Ray and I flew from Chicago to Houston that day to start a new project with Exxon the next (Module development following my first CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design project for Exxon Exploration with Ray’s firm, that summer – while I was still at MTEC) and we both presented that evening at the local NSPI chapter. A good reason to Share Your Work – Out Loud. Or in written form. Share!

This BTW is project 4 for this lead contractor. The third project being completed way back in 1986. The first was in early 1983 – after that NSPI chapter session.

We – Ken Somers and I – reconnected via LinkedIn in 2007 – and he brought me into the sales effort for this gig back in April of 2012 – and then the project didn’t start until January 2013. He wanted me to train and mange a small cadre of Analysts who would use a group process in a couple of hundred Kaizens – focused on Documentation – SOPs.

Which to me is simply performance-based Written Instruction.

Tasks leading to Outputs – meeting all of the stakeholders’ requirements for both processes and products.

Like anywhere else that is Regulated.

Enough about that.


I know the drive from Toronto’s YYZ airport to the Hilton Garden Inn in Vaughan ON like the back of my hand.

I could almost do THAT drive it in my sleep – and might have, taking the 10:15 pm flight – to maximize home time – arriving most of the time at the 12:15 am scheduled time. But sometimes later. Ugh.

The management and staff at my home away from home deserve a SHOUT OUT!!!

I highly recommend the place.


Tell them Guy Wallace sent you!

My Home Away From Home

After probably 70-72 of these past 80 weeks being their guest – these are a couple of the highlights – certainly not all – of the extraordinary staff services rendered…

  • When arriving at breakfast at 8 am – and finding some 30 kids in line in front of me – I waited for only about 4 minutes – while teenagers cut in line to join their BFF – before the wait staff was calling me to my table – as the cooks in the kitch saw me while taking kid’s orders – and knowing my first of two choices for breakfast EVERY MORNING – they put my order in themselves. Yea!
  • When I was arriving at 10:15 pm earlier in the project – and got there later than 11 pm several times – when the restaurant closed – I found that they had prepared the snack that I usually ordered – and had it in my room waiting for me – the hungry traveler.

I’ve talked with Domenic, the general manager about his staff many times.

His secret?

They are mostly long time employees – many going back to day 1 of the hotel’s opening.

And I think – he treats them right.

Thanks Domenic and crew!

I’m gonna miss you guys. Kinda.

# # #


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