Is The Customer King – As We’ve All Heard Previously?

The Customer Is King – Not

I say no. And I said so in 1995 in this article – now at ASQ.

The Customer Is King – Not! – 15 page PDF – the original version of the article published in the Journal for Quality and Participation in March 1995 – address Balancing Conflicting Stakeholder Requirements, and suggests that the Customer is Not the King of Stakeholders (despite the unfortunate slogans from the Quality movement despite Deming’s admonitions about slogans).

ASQ version – $10 for non-members/ $5 for members: – here – Balancing Conflicting Stakeholder Requirements.

Many Stakeholders outrank a Customer. Unless you believe that the Customers demands should be met EVEN if it would harm the Enterprise. Such as selling below cost initially – and planning to make it up in volume perhaps.


Stakeholder Requirements

Either they are focused on The Process or The Product or Both.

Their Requirements – reflect THEIR Stakeholders’ Requirements.

The Process - Yellow

Yes – Stakeholders have Customers – and other Stakeholders. So every Process and Product has Stakeholders who have Stakeholders … who have … yes – Stakeholders. Many – Stakeholders – most likely.

How far into this you need to go is situational.

How far you keep tabs on changs and stirrings of future change is situational.

It’s never really simple.


When you do your analysis for Instruction or Performance Improvement – how do you capture these Requirements?

Do you capture these Requirements?

How else can you training/instruct Learners regarding authentic performance – if you don’t?

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