ASQ Question of the Month: How Will The Future of Quality Unfold?

New ASQ CEO Bill Troy writes in this month’s View from the Q – to all of us in his ASQ Influential Voices group – who are onboard and online to help Raise the Global Voice of Quality – and asks all – how will the future of Quality unfold?


Here is an excerpt from Bill’s post where poses the August 2014 question:

As a newcomer to the quality field, I don’t have an insider’s grasp of the culture, language, or heritage, but I have a great admiration for your passion for quality.

One of my early observations is that I believe there are two very distinct views about the future of quality we need to at least acknowledge, if not actually reconcile.

Evolutionary change: I would describe one view as the ascribing to evolutionarychange.  The quality movement has been immensely important and successful in many fields and will continue to grow and evolve, but will do so in recognizable and well-defined ways.  We will move down traditional paths but reach new destinations and make new inroads into fields that are underserved today. We will keep doing what we do well and find ways to do it even better.

Revolutionary change: I would call the second view as seeing revolutionary change in the future of quality.  Some of the ways we brought value to our businesses, industries, and communities will have to fundamentally change.  We will have to bring value to the C-suite as much as to the production line. We must have tools that will facilitate a meaningful contribution at ever more senior levels to make the impact our customers and colleagues want.  Knowledge, which we value so highly and have worked so hard to gather, organize, and refine, must be shared much more freely in the age of new media.  Even what we describe as quality may be subsumed by different umbrella terms such as “organizational excellence or “risk management.”

I predict a lively debate in the days ahead and I look forward to reporting what I see and hear among you who hold the keys to our future in your hands.

In the meantime, what do you think? How will the future of quality unfold?

IMHO – The Future of Quality Will Unfold… 

Both – evolutionary and revolutionary-ly. Erratically.

But in hindsight it will all look pre-planned and smooth.

Which is false for sure.

But don’t stop to plan to make the future.

Carry on with that.

But be open to the un-planned too.

Plan for that serendipity.

And Murphy.

But Plan it, man! Plan it.

What’s More Important For Me Is… 

… in developing and refreshing all of the “business plans” of ASQ … as any new CEO must do … how will ASQ serve its diverse members and bring them – via PUSH – updates of interest – and how ASQ will enable – via PULL – access to professional development resources, and project conduct resources.

Develop me. And Save me.

Both Free stuff – and For a Fee stuff.

The 4 P’s of Marketing guide my next thoughts:

  1. Who will be their source to guide their Product/Service Development and Offerings Plans?
  2. How will they Deploy that? What mechanisms? Where?
  3. What will this cost me and other members? Can I afford it?
  4. How will I and others hear about these product/Service offerings that will help me conduct my work, and develop myself for greater challenges?

This is where Marketing meets Quality.

“Hey Marketing! This is Quality. He’s not too sure about your methods and tools as he’s got his own. But I thought you two should meet and see how you might help each other ….”

ASQ should – IMO – apply the 4P’s thinking to ASQ and Quality – just like I did in this next graphic from this post on Marketing applied to T&D/Learning/Knowledge Management … my area of speciality in improving Quality – via improved human process performance – via performance support, instruction and information. But enough about me.


The 4 P’s of Marketing:

  • Product/Service
  • Place
  • Price
  • Promotion

This is simple and of course it’s not.

Borrow, steal, the tools and techniques from Marketing to define your audiences, segments, needs, competition, potential ROI in terms of finances and member satisfaction for meeting targeted products/services.

Quality may have some similar tools – but perhaps some of the Marketing tools are better for this task. A Marketing task IMO.

Then act like a business. With Customers and other Stakeholders with requirements and druthers.

But – Remember – it’s the Customers who have the money and the attention you need to survive.

Without them, the other Stakeholders would have little interest.

Meet the needs of your targeted Customers. Marketing 101.

Plan it, man!

Plan it.

But recall Ike:

Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower quotes from

View from the Q

View from the Q is a blog developed by ASQ as part of its effort to raise the voice of quality. Every month, ASQ generates discussion on quality topics and trends – and looks to the global quality community to provide insight and comments about how quality is transforming the world.

The blog revolves around monthly posts by ASQ CEO Bill Troy, who comments on a variety of quality-themed events and news.

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