ROI Is Mostly Affected By The Targeting Before ADDIE Starts

Or SAM. If ADDIE is not your thing.

My thing is an ADDIE-like MCD. More on that in a moment.

It’s Too Late Baby

By the time an ADDIE or SAM or SAT or some other ISD model starts – the ROI potential or not – is pretty much set. If there is nil or none or negative – that’s not something a stellar ADDIE effort can impact for improvement.

Yes – you can screw up in the ADDIE process after Targeting – and miss the Potential. But the Potential Improvement and it’s value – the R in ROI- is a matter of the existing situation – the current state compared to the best possible (not impossible) future state.

That’s the possible R in the ROI equation.


You can screw up the Implementation – the delivery or access of the learning content – or Performance Support – by making it unpleasant and/or different from other Learning experiences of the Learners.

You can screw up the Development effort – and rely too much on one SME – when the research shows that they will miss up to 70% of what a novice needs to know and be able to do. Ya better test that stuff – don’t you know.

You can screw up the Design effort – and feed ’em with a firehose, and not chunk, sequence and reinforce to the needed levels.

You can screw up the Analysis effort – by focusing on topics versus tasks – and by task I mean task-sets within a process – and not focusing on the outputs or products of behavior and cognition – of the individual and/or the team. Too often the focus is on Topics and not Tasks. And sometimes the focus is on narrow Tasks without the big picture of upstream and downstream and not of all Stakeholders but just on the Customer.

Bottom Line

My point is – quit worrying about the ROI of something you didn’t target in the first place. 

Focus on Transfer – by making sure your Analysis uncovers the authentic performance requirements and situational variables – the Performance Context.

It’s not about Learning. It’s about Performance. Even in a Learning Organization.


This is my ADDIE equivalent.


I address this Targeting up-front in Project Planning & Kick-Off – and at each GRM – Gate Review Meeting – at the end of 4 of the 6 Phases of MCD. See the up-side-down Traffic lights in the graphic above (Go Lights). Where the targeting and mid-course decisions are given a GO (or not).

MCD is covered in both of the following books.

This book from 1999…

1999 lean-ISD Book Cover

And this book – from 2011…

2011 d Pb MCD

See the Resource Tab for PACT Resources – including books – both FREE and FOR A FEE.

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