7 Rounds in the “Thank You So Much For Your Business Now Go Away” Ring

From a friend on Facebook…


Soooo … I’m having problems with my new frig. I’ve submitted product reviews twice and both times, the GE webmasters have told me my reviews “did not meet the guidelines for posting on our site.” So I thought posting on Facebook may be more helpful for appliance consumers. Here it is.

My refrigerator was installed in May 2014. In November, I had to have the fan replaced. The fan was back ordered and it took 2 weeks for that repair to be made.  The day after the repair, everything in the frig was frozen. I had to discard about $40 worth of food. When I called customer service, they told me the earliest they could send a repairman out was 10 days later. Thanksgiving happens between then and December 1. I am completely disappointed with the GE Profile frig and even more disappointed with the unacceptable customer service response.

GE Refrig


Today, the GE repairman made his third visit ostensibly to resolve the everything-in-the-frig-is-frozen problem. The repair guy thinks it might be the circuit board. Of course, that has to be ordered. Hopefully, it will arrive at my house before 8:00 a.m. 12/5 when he returns for a fourth time. Needless to say, I won’t be purchasing GE products in future and this service process is ineffective and alienates customers.

I heard Electrolux purchased GE. Sure hope they make improvements not only in the products, but also in their customer service and repair processes.


The replacement circuit board for my frig is on back order. Why am I not surprised!! Now it won’t be replaced until 12/9. Come on GE/Electrolux!! Man up and just replace my frig with one that works!!!


Things are looking up. As a result of my social media postings (thanks to those of you who suggested I do that), there are 2 GE reps attending to my broken fridge issue. One of them (Tara) gave me the phone number for GE’s appliance insurer. I called it and within 3 minutes, they confirmed I’ll be receiving a $100 check for food loss!! Of course, I don’t have the check YET and my fridge still doesn’t work.


Circuit board arrived this morning via Fed Ex. Repair guy to arrive on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.


I need help and I need it now! The repair guy came yesterday and replaced the circuit board on my fridge. I put containers of water in the fridge and in the freezer. This morning, both are frozen solid AGAIN. I want this fridge replaced within the week. I can’t afford to wait for a service visit, then have a part ordered, then wait for the part because it will be back ordered, then wait for the part to arrive in the mail, then wait for the repair guy to come and install the part, which may or may not solve the problem.

I’m having a party on the 19th and 5 guests who will be here for a week over the holidays. @GEappliance, PLEASE ESCALATE THIS ISSUE AND DO WHAT YOU CAN TO GET ME A WORKING FRIDGE!!


Out of frustration, I called Consumer Relations. Bad news-another service call is scheduled for Monday. Good news-engineering will be on the phone with the technician while he’s here and if the fridge can’t be repaired, they’ll replace it. Can that happen before Christmas???

I chose GE Profile because of the good word-of-mouth reports I heard and I couldn’t be more disappointed or more stressed!!!

Hmm. Over 70 Comments – And It’s Not Even Over Yet

I wonder how far that reached out? And will still reach out.

Friends of Friends. Looking out for each other.

Reminds me of this article I published in the Journal for Quality and Participation in June 1995 …

Managing and Mismanaging Stakeholder Expectations – GWW – 5 page PDF – original that was published in the Journal for Quality and Participation in June 1995 – my story as Uncle Guy doing the video for a niece’s wedding that went downhill before it all got started – due to the un-kept promises of a rental car company.

Where In The Value Chain Is The Break Occurring?

Someone better address this and hope it’s an isolated incident.

What variables are at play here? Is Training/Learning the solution?

Is it the main “lever” or is it something or somethings – else?

EPPI Fishbone 14 Variables

Maybe Learning is needed after a new parts system is in place in the field for service staff – and/or better quality control upstream back at the factory.

Why Worry?

Because my friend will never again buy from this vendor?

Scan_Pic0001 (2)

Graphic Acquired In 1979

Oh. It’s more than that.

It’s the reach of this feedback/warning/recommendation.

# # #

One comment on “7 Rounds in the “Thank You So Much For Your Business Now Go Away” Ring


    @GE Appliances service technician came today (I think this is the 5th service tech visit). He hooked his computer up to the fridge and sent the resulting readings to headquarters in Louisville. The engineers at headquarters say all the temperature sensors need to be replaced. One would think THAT would be the first place you’d look (on the 3rd service tech visit) if the fridge is too cold.

    OF COURSE, the service tech doesn’t carry temperature sensors in his truck. No surprise there. He’ll be back Wednesday to replace them – IF they’re not backordered, that is.

    @GE Appliances, from a business standpoint, these 5 (about to be 6) service tech visits, the fan, the circuit board, however many temperature sensors there are, shipping for the parts, and the scathing PR from yours truly and friends has to have cost you more than the price of a new fridge!!!

    We’re running out of time before my guests arrive for the holidays!!! So far this has been an EPIC FAIL!!!


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