No Plan – Is A Plan

Just not a very good one.

As the saying goes.

No Plan Is An Island

Some think that they don’t need a plan – for THEY know what they are doing.

They just don’t take anyone else’s needs into their equation.

Your Plan – or lack of a Plan – is most likely connected to other’ plans – By Design – or Inadvertently.

5 Ps of Planning

Click on graphic for the article/post: The Detailed Project Plan.

You may need shared resources. You may not have priority when you should.

Who gets that priority   or resources – when push becomes shove – may take too long to decide and the opportunity may be missed or the risks un-avoided.

Planning involves understanding – to some extent – all of the other plans and planning going on – or only small or large disasters wait over the horizon.

Documenting your plan – sharing it – keeping it evergreen and sharing that – is often quite necessary.

But as always … it depends.


Check your situation.

Sometime Things Are Anticipatable

That’s when I have the least patience for this – poor planning.

It’s disrespectful of everyone else’s time.


I like: By Design.

I dislike: Inadvertently.

Especially if it didn’t have to be that way. When it could have been anticipated by those slowing down from their “just do it” mindset.

But they didn’t see it in their haste.

But Sometime Things Are Not Anticipatable

Then … that’s different … and understandable.

If I had been in on the plan BEFORE that unanticipated/unanticipatable “thing” happened – or didn’t happen.


Be As Rigorous As Required – and – As Flexible As Feasible

It’s a situational issue.

Just don’t jump to doing it – until you are ready – unless the situation demands it.

Ready. Aim.

Then … Fire.

# # #

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