The Dozen Performance Variables of EPPI

EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement 

Note: EPPI is my set of models, methods, tools and techniques to address Performance Gaps. I often come across these in my Instructional Analysis efforts – By Design.

I try to uncover these – Gaps – so that we can collectively determine the if’s and why’s and when’s of Instruction – and or Performance Support.

Back to Processes Improvement and my approach.

Processes are complex. A single Process itself is potentially quite complex.

Some are formal. Some are informal. Some are in-between.


Some are routine and others on-demand.

Some are predictable, some are somewhat-predictable, and some are not very predictable at all.

All involve humans and non-human items to accomplish the end goals – the products or outputs of the Process or the Processes.


There is no 1 right way to approach Process Improvement … or Human Performance Improvement … which are joined at the hip … so to speak … IMO.

But this is where I start as I begin to organize what I find, and/or how I formulate my questioning strategy, and my questions framework – and how I capture the responses.


I see my Dozen in these three groupings… of the Process itself – and all the Human Stuff and all the Non-Human Stuff needed to enable that Process to Operate.

Or Processes.



Gaps lie within those 12 sets of enablers as I tag them – the Process itself – and all the Human Stuff/Enablers – and all the Non-Human Stuff/Enablers needed to enable that Process to Operate.

Or Processes.

This next graphic is of course, similar to the Ishikawa Diagram – with a blend from Thomas Gilbert’s Behavior Engineering Model – with a Rummler-like thinking about Process.

Or at least I believe it’s heavily influenced by what I learned from Rummler in 1981/2 while working with him at Motorola.


My suggested route from going from Training/Learning – to Performance-based Training/Learning – to Performance Improvement Consulting.

3 steps IMO.

PACT 6 Pack

For more information about these 6 books – please go here.

Or search this Blog for other Posts addressing EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement.


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