Understanding Is Hard to Prove and Harder to “Design To”

Learning Objectives As An Advanced Organizer

But it may be sufficient for the Learners.

As an Advanced Organizer – where you: “tell them what you are going to tell them” – before “telling them, and showing them, and having them show it back to you” – and then in your close/wrap-up you “tell them what you told them” – and maybe ask them to further reflect on that. And discuss that. Now … and Later (ideally Spaced).

But … Understand … !?!


And in fact anything more that “telling them” that they’ll UNDERSTAND a list of things – may just be overkill-in-the-extreme.

Giving the Learners more than the list of Understandings – it just might overwhelm them – when you should be building confidence – or correcting over-confidence.

Understanding – as the preface of a Learning Objective – is poor IMO … but not for the Learners.

It’s poor … for the Developers.

Understanding Is Totally Insufficient

Understanding – as a preface – would be insufficient for the Developers doing Development after the Designers did the Design.

And hopefully Analysis happened before that.


And Planning before that.

It Takes More Than Understanding

Developing to some ill-defined UNDERSTANDING Level is too vague a target – most of the time – IMO.

Yet Understanding is indeed on the path to Awareness, Knowledge and also Skill.

Just don’t stop there – for the sake of the Developers – and for the Learners too – except for those times when you might simply overwhelm the Learners with anything more than that.

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