Defining Performance Competence Requirements At All Levels

There Are Many Models About Levels of Performance

I think that regardless of your model for that … Levels of Performance … my definition of Performance Competence … applies.


People – Process – Organization – Society

Work – Worker – Workplace – World

Individual – Team – Process – Enterprise (is mine).

Start With the Stakeholders

Regardless of your model for levels of performance – start your understanding by getting oriented to, aligned to, assessed by, the Stakeholder Requirements.

Trade-offs are sometimes necessary.

Maybe, most of the time.

And remember … they have Stakeholders too. Etc. Etc.

Ad infinitum.


Your Model may differ.

Performance Model

This is the template I use to capture and report out the data we have regarding Performance.


The measures of the outputs are where your Stakeholder Requirements can be listed for both Product and Process.

You can use the model above both as a template for data capture about ideal and actual Performance – and to systematically derive the enablers – using the next graphic’s set of categories.

Enablers and Gaps

This is my model for the 12 variables of Process Performance – including the Process itself.

Each category has sub-categories.


Again, your model may vary.

Adapt if you cannot Adopt.

# # #

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