Performance-based Instructional Analysis for Enterprise L&D

It’s a Lost Art It Seems

Analysis that is. Scan the program of your next conference and count the times the word “analysis” is found.

Scant few I bet.

In the haste to “just do IT” (Instructional Technology that is) most L&D Content Developers or Curators skip the analysis of terminal performance…


… which is the THING we are supposedly trying to ENABLE – almost all of the time – with our content in the moment of need and/or prior – and sometimes, although all too rarely, afterwards – to fend off that Forgetting Curve. But that’s about Design.

The Analysis would tell us if the job itself will be reinforcing enough all-by-itself – or whether or not THAT performance would benefit from some Performance Support in the moment of the Performance Need – or whether or not THAT might be too little too late.


As always – it depends.

Buzz Thoughts...a


Analysis will also tell you about that “IT DEPENDS” stuff.

Or it should.

Mine does.

I have a series of videos that explain my ISD methods.



Here are those that fall into the Analysis sub-series.

Some Free Videos from The School of PACT

Video Shorts B1- Target Audience Data – 4:08 minutes

Video Shorts B2- Areas of Performance – 7:25 minutes

Video Shorts B3- Performance Analysis – 9:24 minutes

Video Shorts B4- K/S Categories – 10:19 minutes

Video Shorts B5- K/S Matrices – 13:26 minutes

Video Shorts B6- Existing Training Assessments – 4:52 minutes

Video Shorts B7- Analysis of Other Enablers – 4:13 minutes

Video Shorts B8- Analysis of Management – 8:06 minutes

*** *** *** ***

But wait – there’s more…

Over 55 videos in fact…

Schoole of PACT Video Series Introduction and Overview

10 minutes

The PACT Video Shorts Series Index and Links

There are multiple Videos of varying lengths in each of the 8 Categories below…

A- PACT Overviews

B- PACT Analysis

C- CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design

D- MCD – Modular Curriculum Development

E- IAD – Instructional Activity Development

F- Project Planning & Management

G- Group Process Facilitation Tips

H- EPPI – Performance Improvement

Plus there are many other ISD and Performance Improvement videos in the Resources tab.

Instruction is a sub-set of Performance Improvement

Because we believe in Performance-Based Training & Development (a.k.a: Performance-Based Learning) our ISD methods require Analysis of the Performance Competence Requirements – which naturally leads to the identification of other Performance Improvement leverage in all other areas beyond awareness/ knowledge/ skills of the Performer, so too does our video series lead to our Performance Improvement (PI) method.

Slide1 (7)

Your models may vary.

See the Resource Tab for many more resources about PACT and EPPI.

# # #

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